A wide variety of traditional and contemporary worship and music styles of the highest calibre are offered week by week. Holy Communion is available in worship at least once each Sunday.

Find out more about the Music, Organ and Bell Ringing at the Minster.

There are rotas for helpers during most services. Among the tasks are: welcoming, taking the collection, carrying the elements, reading the lessons, serving the Chalice, being sacristans and servers who first put out the bread and wine and then help to get it ready in the service, preparing the intercessions or prayers, and most importantly, serving refreshments afterwards. If you are wondering whether to share in this ministry yourself, please don’t hesitate to ask the Rector or Wardens or anyone you see already doing them, for the way to proceed. All are worthy and everyone is needed.

A general ‘up keeping’ collection is taken at all services to finance the upkeep of worship, ministry and the building, which costs at least £1000 a week. That’s about £1.40 for our ministry to each of the 700 or more people who enter each week. People are encouraged to consider what they can, by God’s help, cheerfully afford: perhaps 10%, 5%, 2% etc of their income. To ensure steady weekly giving, many use a set of Orange Weekly Giving Envelopes, placing the amount they decide on, in one envelope every week. If they are away, they bring them the next time they come. Others set up a Direct Debit on monthly or yearly terms. Cash on the plate is also most welcome.

Occasional Services at the Minster include: Town Centre Open Air Services; Memorial services; Brief Lives Services with Dewsbury District Hospital; Civic, Deanery and Diocesan Events. Team Ministry to the elderly including Holy Communion at the Grange Day Centre (with increasing lay involvement), Tentercraft Sheltered Housing, and Residential and Nursing Homes. Home Communions arranged. School Assemblies and Special Services conducted by request.

The Minster and the Team Parish are recognised for their good practice and are regularly called upon to Support Ordinands in training for the Ministry.

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