St John’s – Overview

St John the Evangelist Church
Dewsbury Moor


St John’s Eagles’ Wings Project News

Issue 1

2nd June 2013

Unless the Lord builds the house its builders labour in vain Psalm 127 v 1



Dear All

Over the last 3 years we have moved forward in our building project – as you will be aware we have installed toilets and kitchen area and removed some of the pews to provide some community space for the use of community groups and our own activities.

This year we have installed a new more efficient boiler and soon you should see new signage appear outside.

We have also established a new toddler group in the new space.

 We now need to move forward with phase two which will involve developing the community space at the back of church – as well as encouraging new groups to use the space we have and look to seek what our community would like us see this space used for.

To these ends we are planning to

  1. have regular meetings to pray and plan for the future
  2. have a regular update for all interested parties
  3. use events to seek to find out what activities and services our community would like to see running in the space we already have
  4. encourage statutory services and volulutary organisation to make use of the space


For further details contact Rev Kathy Robertson 01924 438302


Prayer Triplets

As well as our regular meeting   we would also like to set up a system of prayer triplets to ensure ongoing prayer for the project and for increased usage of the community space already in place – please see Margaret for more details.


Vision Days

Where have we come from? – Where are we now?

Where do we want to be in 3 years time?

Come and join members of our community at our vision drop in days in the autumn date TBA  and help us explore  the answers to these questions – and let us know what you would like to see as part of our activity programme, what would you come to, what skills could you offer. There will also be an opportunity to pray for God’s guidance and wisdom as we move forward together


Please pray for

*      Those applying for grants

*      Contacts with groups who might want to use our space.


Up coming events 

Fundraising Events

Please put these dates in your diary  – more details to follow



Let us take care not to be so involved in doing things for god
that we forget to do things with God




St John The Evangelist in the
Dewsbury Team Parish
The Eagles Wings Project


St John’s Church is part of the Dewsbury Team Parish, which is made up of 3 churches each with its own style of ministry reflecting the diversity of the communities it serves.

A historical church – a Waterloo church built for areas of urban priority in 1818. It is set in a large open churchyard, which contains graves of significant historical interest.  The churchyard was the original burial ground for the Union Workhouse (now Dewsbury District Hospital).

It also houses the grave of Dr Charles Turner Thackrah, who pioneered occupational medicine and was an early campaigner for the protection of children in mines and factories.  As a founder member of the Occupational Medicine Society his grave has attracted visitors from the society’s annual conference.

Of local importance are the Newsome and Fox families who are buried here and have commemorative windows in the church. They owned woollen mills in the area.

We have links to a modern day martyr – Vivian Redlich who was curate at St Johns and later was executed for his faith in Papua New Guinea in 1942 when the Japanese invaded.

The area has historic links with the Bronte family; Charlotte Bronte regularly attended morning and evening services when she lived locally on Healds Road. Her father Patrick was curate at the Minster Church of All Saints


A community church – our church serves an area of severe economic and social deprivation – according to national statistics we fall into the bottom 1% most deprived areas nationally


The Eagles Wings Project

“Those who hope in the Lord will find their strength renewed.
They will soar on wings as eagles;
they will run and not grow weary;
they will walk and not be faint.”

Isaiah 43:31



To provide much needed community space – where existing groups e.g. Girl Guides and Toddler Group can meet and new initiatives can be launched. (Achieved)

To unite the community – this community is fragmented being made up of different social and private housing estates and different faith communities. A local space would provide a focus for people to meet and encourage community cohesion and build positive relationships. (Growing)

To help young families – our current toddler group rented unsuitable space and the school wishes to develop some stay and play facilities for families attached to the school. (Growing)

To meet the needs of our schools – the church school is situated across the road from the church; it has limited space within its own site and uses the church for performances and celebration assemblies. This was not ideal due to poor heating, lighting and lack of toilet facilities. They, together with other local schools, would also be interested in accessing this space to develop the extended schools agenda. (Improving)



A phased project – providing a substantial and flexible community space on two floors, a well equipped kitchen to catering standards, and toilets with full disabled access, with work divided into 4 phases

Phase 1 – which was fully funded and commenced summer 2010 – to construct new toilet area, fit temporary kitchen construct new sacristy – budget cost £70,000              (COMPLETED)

Phase 2 – repairs to existing plastered ceiling (ongoing July 2011), remove remaining pews, install under floor heating system, reposition existing pulpit and make into sound desk, prepare new foundations for phase 3– budget cost  £201,305                                                 (COMPLETED)

Phase 3 – construct new balcony and kitchen under, form new doors into proposed outside activity area– budget cost £327,349                                                                                         (COMPLETED)

Phase 4 – construct new external activity area and boundary wall, repairs to exterior paths and external works, complete office and conference areas on first floor & install disabled lift budget cost £237,967                                                                                                                               (COMPLETED)




A linking project – we have links with the local museum undergoing development in the neighbouring Crow Nest Park, who want to include us in history education packages. Probation services are keen to develop their links with us when we when we have our renewed facilities

An exciting project – this will make positive impact to our local community including those of different cultures and backgrounds, faiths and no faith.

A supported project – We are viewed as valuable partners by other agencies working within the community and have received letters of support from, local schools, councillors, tenants and residents associations, community cohesion officers, those with a passion for local history and heritage and others.

Contact Details

Rev Kathy Robertson – Team Vicar
68 Staincliffe Road
WF12 4ED

Tel – 01924 438302

Mrs Rita Hetherington – Church Warden
Mrs Christine Sharpe – Church Warden