Faults Montage30 Years Reordering

Dewsbury Minster is a Grade II* listed building that has undergone three recent, major reorderings. In 1978 the West End became the main Worship Space as it had been for 900 years until the 1887 Victorian East End was built. Dewsbury and Wakefield were rivals for the new ‘Bishop’s Seat’. Not only did Dewsbury’s bid fail, but also, the grand sanctuary, choir, and transepts became, within 90 years, the church hall, the toilets, and a ‘grave yard plethora’ of the Willis Organ’s remains.

But this had been an important stepping-stone. With a vision of ‘ Mission to the Town Centre’, a farewell to the bank balance, the aid of Kirklees Churches Partnership Trust and tireless matched fund and grant raising, the reordering of 1994–5 transformed the Church. It created Worship, Heritage, Community, Exhibition and Pilgrimage areas that are open, and where volunteers actively serve the community, seven days a week.

The Worship AreaThe most ancient West End Worship area remained untouched until 2005. Among other matched funds and grants raised, The Heritage Lottery Fund accepted a bid to transform this cold and dingy area into a bright warm and inviting place. A place worthily displaying the spiritual and historical heritage we share with you today, one that can proudly offer a pilgrimage of discovery, available to all and a full heritage tour.

National Lottery Heritage Lottery Funded

The Minster Project 2004-7 involved

  • The saving, installing and refurbishing the organ, providing a new casing.
  • New lighting, heating, flooring, redecoration, and a Worship Area focus.
  • A Counselling Room built and the Heritage Centre reorganised with signage.
  • Book, leaflet, and web sites written and published and IT presentations prepared.
  • Volunteer guides recruited and trained and educational material prepared.
  • The Full Heritage Tour devised and group and school visits attracted.
  • On going research.

This work has been Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fundas well as: Bishop’s (Social Responsibility) Development Fund, WREN, The Pilling Trust, York Historical Churches Trust, All Churches Trust, Historic Churches Preservation Trust, and Dewsbury Area Committee, together with sacrificial donations, bequests, weekly giving and fund raising.

The financing of these ventures has been a struggle by the few for the many. We continue an energetic programme of fund raising and arduous grant applications: to maintain our building and service to the community, to provide seating, a casing for the organ, staging, and to improve the kitchen and other facilities within the Minster for the sake of our Mission.

We urge all visitors to this website and to The Minster, to share and enjoy what we offer. And if you feel that what we give to our visitors is worthy of your support, please do not hesitate.

How Can You Support This Work?

  • Join the many people that attend and support our fund raising events listed in the Minster News and Events Diary.
  • Try our fund Raising Gift Shop, which includes a postal service.
  • Use Minster Project Envelopes, which we provide for regular visitors wishing to donate a small weekly amount, Gift Aided or not. Contact Richard Middleton via the Contact form.
  • Make donations by post or at Reception. Single donation Gift Aid envelopes are available at reception.

Contact the Minster via the Contact form for more details.