Interfaith Kirklees

Supporting Religious Education through active learning

Dewsbury Minster is the designated Christian Interfaith Centre for North Kirklees.
Other Christian Faith Centres represent the Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh religions.

Interfaith CentreWhat will be gained from a school or adult group visit?

The Faith Centres are located in living places of worship. They celebrate the religion, culture and art of each particular faith. A visit to a Centre is a unique way of finding out more about the faith of your neighbours in Kirklees.

What will I find at this Faith Centre?

You will be welcomed at this well resourced centre by trained guides who are members of the faith community.

Will my faith be offended or challenged?

No. Your faith will be respected. The Faith Centres promote mutual understanding and appreciation of one another’s beliefs.

What difference will it make?

This groundbreaking project is a new way of developing understanding between the diverse faiths and cultures of Kirklees. People are being brought together from different backgrounds; combating negative stereotypes; fostering good race relations and promoting education across all age groups. Come to a Faith Centre and learn more about your neighbours in Kirklees.

For information and bookings at Dewsbury Minster’s Christian Interfaith Centre contact Sylvia Turner or Rev Simon Cash