What is Evangelism?

Evangelism is about sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with everyone, because Jesus asked His followers to:

"Go into the world and preach the Good News"
Matthew Chapter 28, Verse 19-20

Back in AD627, St Paulinus travelled throughout the British Isles and shared the Good News of Jesus. He didn’t simply talk about it, he also shared it through his hard work and good advice given to the King at the time, Edwin (you can see King Edwin and Queen Aethelburh in the stained glass windows at both the Minster and in Dewsbury Town Hall, along with Paulinus). It is believed he came to Dewsbury and shared the Good News here. This work continues to this day – Christians of Dewsbury share the Good News and work with and for our community with love and care.

What is the Good News?

Christians believe the Good News is:

  • That God created us and goes on loving us, even though we are often selfish and not living as He created us to live.
  • That God came to the earth in the person of Jesus Christ to bring salvation to us in a sinful world. His life served as an example. His death on the cross, taking the punishment for all of our sins, is the means by which humankind can be reconciled to God.
  • That we can recognise the truth of this and turn back to God seeking forgiveness and desiring to live in a way that pleases Him, recognising and seeking the help of His Holy Spirit to come alongside us and lead us closer to God.
  • The Early Christian Church as recorded in the New Testament, believed this and, empowered by the Holy Spirit, sought to share this Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ. His resurrection from the dead is proof of His living presence – giving us all hope.

Team Parish Evangelism

Evangelism within the Team Parish takes place in many ways. As well as sharing the Good News during regular church services, each church ministers (attends to the needs of) the people within it’s local community, and the people of Dewsbury as a whole. Whether it’s through the Refectory Cafe, praying with and for people, Bible Study, craft or keep fit groups, collecting food and clothing for those who are unable to afford them, providing meeting spaces for community groups, each is a practical act of Evangelism, sharing the love of God and the Good News of Jesus.